Kajsa 2nd in Cup!

November 18, 2019

Ch Caspian Line's Look at Me "Kajsa" came at 2nd place in Cup that took place from spring to autumn. She was only 1 point behind winner Malin Johansson and Tira.

At first I was not about to start her at all, but good decision that I did. Kajsa came also second last year in the same competition :-)

Daidai Broken Arrows BOB puppy at Åland Dog Show!

September 28, 2019

So proud of owner Malin Nordh and "Avicii" Broken Arrows today that was BOB puppy under the famous poodle judge Toshinori Omura from Japan. Avicii got good critics and as  breeders we are very happy for them. 

Kennel Daidai´s International champions were awarded!

March 20, 2019

We are so lucky to have such beautiful poodles. Last week, both "Karlos" C.I.B. FI CH SE CH Aromatic Casino Royale and "Kajsa" C.I.B. NORD CH FI CH SE CH NO CH EE CH Caspian Line's Look at Me were awarded by the local Kennel Club for their achievements in the show rings. We got except from ribbons and beautiful diplomas, 4 champagne glasses to enjoy with some bubbles when the time is right.

Karlos is now retired and focus on Rally Obidience, but Kajsa is still on and will enter the rings again after her second litter. 

Godkänd av FKK ID-märkare

January 27, 2019

Nu kan Kennel Daidai chippa egna som andras hundar. Innan man fick möjlighet att gå ID-märkningskursen som var i Finska Kennelklubbens regi,  måste man ha rekommendation från Finska pudelklubben och Ålands kenneldistrikt samt vara uppfödare och ha gått uppfödarkurs.

Kursen hölls ifjol i januari och sedan skulle man praktisera och chippa minst 10 hundar inom loppet av 1 år och till vår glädje så klarade vi av uppgiften just och jämt. Det föds ju inte så mycket valpar på Åland och alla vill inte låta någon praktisera på sina hundar. Så vi tackar alla ödmjukt som ställt upp med sina valpar som vi fått chippa. 

Hör av dig till oss om du vill ha din valpkull chippad i hemmet, då vi kommer till uppfödaren.

Patellas ok

January 15, 2019

Daidai Ares patellas are 0/0, so happy about the news, now we can continue training Agility as before. The official result will soon be visible att the Finnish Kennel Club. Ares really loves agility a lot.

I have also signed up for another agility class in the new indoor arena. Hopefully our start routines will be better, also slalom is a thing that is not yet our strongest thing but will hopefully be.

To be continued..

Kennel Daidai - New partner

May 16, 2018

I am happy to present Lilly Danielsson as a new partner in Kennel Daidai. Lilly is the daughter in the house and share the same interest for poodles. Lilly finished the breeders course in March and she was also there when our first Daidai litter was born.

It will be interesting times ahead to plan and see how we can make this co-operation a successful one for many years to come. 

Warmest welcome to Kennel Daidai Lilly!

New International Beauty Champion C.I.B.

January 20, 2018

Our second international beauty champion will be FI CH SE CH NO CH NORD CH  Caspian Line's Look At Me "Kajsa". We are so truly happy for Kajsa, that she gets the title already, not even 3 years old. We will say thank you to all judges that have appreciated Kajsa:

Kajsas CACIB's were received: 

- 15.10.2016 Sundsvall, Sweden judge: Wilma Strijbos, Netherlands

- 27.5.2017 Österbybruk, Sweden judge: Jussi Liimatainen, Finland

- 19.8.2017 Lillehammer, Norway judge: Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden

- 21.1.2018 Turku, Finland judge: Rita Reyniers, Belgium

We now have to wait for the confirmation from FCI in Belgium. It will probably take 4 month or so.

Aromatic Casino Royale C.I.B. title confirmed!

January 17, 2018

C.I.B. FI CH SE CH Aromatic Casino Royale "Karlos" C.I.B international beauty champion title was confirmed before the end of 2017. We are so happy to have our first international champion in the family!

We decided to cut down Karlos so he is retired from rings and we'll see if he makes a return as a veteran later on.

Karlos received his CACIB's

- 20.7.2013 Köping, Sweden judge: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland

- 17.1.2016 Turku, Finland judge: Jussi Liimatainen, Finland

- 12.3.2016 Strängnäs, Sweden judge: Svante Frisk, Sweden

- 19.8.2017 Lillehammer, Norway judge: Johansson Karl-Erik, Sweden

It has ellapsed 4 years between the first and last CACIB and Karlos was cut down between, but as they say. "Ever never give up". 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018!

December 17, 2017

It has been a very special year for Kennel Daidai. First of all our "Kajsa" Caspian Line's Look at Me, became Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Nordic Champion and it all happened rather quickly. Our "Karlos" Aromatic Casino Royale got his final CACIB and we have applied for his (International title) C.I.B. title. 

But what is more important is that Kajsa got her first babies. Our A-litter (Daidai Apollon and Daidai Ares). Proud father is "Tom", 2 times worldwinner and Swedish and Italian Champion Kudos Firework. 

Pups have been growing and both are looking so promising. It will be exciting to see what become of them.

Last but not least a very Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Poodle Year 2018!

Kennel Daidai's first litter is registered!

November 15, 2017

We are so happy to finally have achieved our goal to be a real kennel. Our first litter is registered in the Finnish Kennel Club, which feels absolutely amazing. Daidai Apollon and Daidai Ares are our first boys to be registered there and we hope naturally that this is only the beginning.

We bought our first miniature poodle 2010 and now 7 years later we have our first puppies. It has been a long road, but it has been worth it all the way and so much we have learned also.

New Nordic Beauty Champion!

September 07, 2017

Caspian Line's Look at Me "Kajsa" got her Nordic Beauty Champion diploma the other day. That means that she is show champion in 3 different Nordic countries. In her case Sweden, Finland and Norway. In our poodle pack she is our first Norwegian champion and our second Nordic Beauty Champion. 

We are very proud over her achievements only a bit over 2 years old.

- Swedish champion 28 May 2017 (CAC, 15.10.2016 Sundsvall, 27.5.2017 Gimo, 28.5.2017 Uppsala)

- Finnish champion 6 June 2017 ( CAC, 18.6.2016 Raisio)

- Norwegian champion 11 September 2017 (CAC 19.8.2017 Lillehammer)

New international champion C.I.B.

August 18, 2017

Our first international champion will be FI CH and SE CH Aromatic Casino Royale. We are so truly happy for Karlos achievement. The last CACIB was taken at Lillehammer int. Dog Show and judge Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden.

Karlos CACIB's

- 20.7.2013 Köping, Sweden judge: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland

- 17.1.2016 Turku, Finland judge: Jussi Liimatainen, Finland

- 12.3.2016 Strängnäs, Sweden judge: Svante Frisk, Sweden

- 19.8.2017 Lillehammer, Norway judge: Johansson Karl-Erik, Sweden

It has ellapsed 4 years between the first and last CACIB and Karlos was cut down between, but as they say. "Ever never give up" Now we are awaiting the confirmation and diploma from FCI, it will probably take some month.

New Champion!

May 27, 2017

What a great weekend Kajsa and I had in Sweden. It was summer heat and we were certainly in the heat as well. Kajsa took two Best of Sex (BOS) two days in a row. Because of this she also finished her Swedish and Finnish champion titles only 1 week after her 2 year birthday. The 3d CAC she got in Sundsvall in the autumn. 

All of a sudden everything happens so fast, I am still a bit in chock...

Happy Birthday Kajsa!

May 17, 2017

Our beautiful Caspian Line's Look at Me or Kajsa as we call her at home, is celebrating her 2 year birthday today. We are so happy for our little one. Kajsa came to us from Natascha Kolbe and Caspian Line's kennel in Germany and totally stole our hearts away. 

Kajsa loves a lot of activity since she is a very active dog, so we train a lot of agility with her as well as obedience. She is a very quick learner.


Have a lovely day Kajsa!

Picture by: Natascha Kolbe, Germany

Avelsriktlinjerna för pudel nu även på svenska!

March 21, 2017

Är otroligt glad för att Finska pudelklubben nu har lagt upp avelsriktlinjerna för pudel på svenska på Finska pudelklubbens hemsidor. Avelsriktlinjerna skall vara till stöd för uppfödaren så man vet vilka rekommendationer som gäller, det kan avvika lite från Finska Kennelklubbens som mera har övergripande riktlinjer och gäller alla raser. Dessa riktlinjer är mera specifika och inriktade på just pudel. Klicka nedan för att komma till avelsriktlinjerna.

Healthy poodles!

January 30, 2017

For most poodle owners the health tests are very important for future breeding. On Saturday I went to the vet and took the mandatory tests for poodles. Those tests are in Åland/Finland PRA eye mirroring and patella survey. I took two of my poodles there who are possible for breeding and they both got perfect results. 

So in the future it is poossible for my to breed on Kajsa and Karlos. Karlos took his second eye mirroring and no changes at all and he is soon 5 years old :-)

It feels great to share good news!

New NORD title from 2018 in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark

September 06, 2016

FKK and the Nordic kennel clubs have agree to arrange a new type of Dog Show where your dog can become Nordic beauty champion in short NORD. The show cannot be arranged at the same time as the international show (CACIB). The rules are the same in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. To be able to receive NORD your dog needs to be a champion in the country that it is registered and the dog must get NORD from three different countries with three different judges. At least one of the NORD certificate must be received after the dog has achieved an age of 24 month.

The first NORD Dog Shows will be arranged from 2018.

Inofficiell utställning ÅBSK

June 11, 2016

Ålands bruks och sällskapshundklubb inbjuder till inofficiell utställning på Torpplanerna i Jomala. Domare är Åsah Hoesäter och Monah Lithner från Sverige. De dömer grupperna 1-10. Sofie Lundström dömer turistklass och Kicke Boman barn med hund och juniorhandling.

Pass på att komma och titta till plan. Det finns även servering på plats. 

Pudelpromenad i strålande solsken

April 11, 2016

Pudlar på Åland ordnade åter igen en lyckad pudelpromenad som denna gång gick genom Esplanaden i Mariehamn, ner till fyrmastade barken Pommern och förbi Sjöfartsmuseet och genom stadens gator tillbaka till Lilla Holmen där truppen hade börjat sin vandring. 


Promenaden var uppskattad bland både två- och fyrbeningar. Krokusar och snödroppar blommade i strålande solsken och det var lite roligt att se hur upprörda pudlarna blev då det kom andra raser än pudlar förbi. De började skälla för fullt på dem. Vi brukar skämtsamt säga att pudlar är "rasister", som inte tål att hundar av annan ras kommer nära dem. 


Det beslöts att vi skulle ta en ny promenad i maj och då utforska Kungsö Batteri. Hoppas att vi blir ännu flera än 12 pudlar då och att vi även skulle få någon storpudel med oss. 


Vill du se flera bilder från promenaden så finns de på Pudlar på Åland på Facebook.


April 10, 2016

Häng med på årets första pudelpromenad med start från Lilla Holmens parkering. Vi vandrar antingen genom Tullarnas äng eller genom Esplanaden i stan, lite beroende på väder och vind. Ingen förhandsanmälan krävs. Evenemanget finns på FB.

Rally obedience course passed

March 13, 2016

Kenny and Karlos passed the beginners class in rally obedience on Monday. We have had a period of trainings and going through the basic skills in rally. 


Rally obedience is a fun way to get contact with your dog and learn basic obedience. You are allowed to talk with your dog through the different moments on the course. In beginners class you use leach but it should be loose. It is just for safety.


The plan is to continue training during spring and sign up for the first competition.

Årets första officiella Agilitytävlingar på Åland

February 03, 2016

LÖRDAG 5.3.2016
Klass I, tävling A och B
Klass II, tävling A och B
Klass III, tävling A och B

SÖNDAG 6.3.2016
Klass I, tävling C och D (hopp)
Klass II, tävling D (hopp) och C
Klass III, tävling C och D (hopp)

OBS! Tidsschema ej fastställt. 
Lördagens tävlingar körs på eftermiddagen,
söndagen är på förmiddagen. Återkommer!

Domare: Anders Virtanen
Tävlingsplats: ridhus
Kolsvidjavägen 242, Tranvik
AX- 22530 Sund
Åland, Finland

Via Internet senast 17.02.2016, SAGI (
Behöver du hjälp med internetanmälningen var inte rädd att ta kontakt med oss!

Utländska tävlanden kan anmäla sig via denna länk:

Per post 15.02.2016 till adressen: c/o Sandra Gustafsson
Tallvägen 12
AX-22100 Mariehamn

1:a starten 14 euro, följande start/er 12 euro.
Tävlande med licens 11 euro/start båda dagar.

FI88 6601 0001 0418 05 AABAFI2 / rf

FKKs kurs "Hunduppfödning i praktiken" nu på Åland!

January 31, 2016

Finska Kennelklubben lanserade år 2015 en ny Hunduppfödning idag -kurs, som baserar sig på Kennelklubbens avelsstrategi. På kursen kan uppfödarna uppdatera sin kunskap gällande aktuell information inom avel och uppfödning. Kursen går av stapeln lördagen den 5 mars 2016. För mera info, klicka på länken nedan.

Eckerö Dog Show 2016 in Åland

January 28, 2016

Why don't you com to Åland Eckerö Dog Show where you can win Finnish CAC and CACIB. The show is 24-25 of September 2016 and you can reach Åland easily by ferry from Grisslehamn in Sweden, only 2 hours ferrytrip. 

Grooming Seminar with Anders Rosell

January 22, 2016

What a fantastic weekend in Norrköping, Sweden with grooming master Anders Rosell! Anders pretty much taught us the secrets behind perfect grooming. We learned about products and how to use them, how to make that perfect top knot and of course how to cut Second Puppy, which is the most common poodle cut in the rings nowadays. 


I am so greatful for these two days and I have so much inspiration now to continue grooming my dogs :-)


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