Results from Shows

Sidrubrik unofficial show

August 10, 2019


Judge: Mikael Nilsson, Sweden arranged their annual Dog Show and I attended Ares again to gain more experience on the table. It was the first show since Corona started. 

It was so nice to see all the dogs and to be able to participate in a dog show again. So happy with Ares how he showed himself in the ring. We focused on free-stacking which he did very well <3

Helsinki Winner 2019

December 06, 2019


I just love the atmosphere at Helsinki Winner. This year was the ultimate test for Kajsa and me. Last time we visited the shows, she was a puppy and the experience from that was not a good one at all. She thought it was scary and her tail was down and she was afraid. After that show it has taken me years to build her up again. So this time I thought she was ready for the shows and she was. I had Mikael Nilsson to groom her before the show and I put all into it that I could. Kajsa showed herself amazingly good with full confidence and I could relax and enjoy to handle her. 

This show is one of the most prestigeful shows of the year in Finland and Kajsa ended up as second best female. I was so extremely proud of my little queen as she is <3

Judge: Dragana Bujisic Vasiljevic

Seinäjoki International Dog Show 2019

October 25, 2019


It was quite an intersting show were many poodle owners were not too happy with the judges critics. So I had no expectations when we entered the ring. When he won open class and got excellent with CK i was more than happy. He ended up without placement in the Best male final but there were also 5 champion males so the competition was huge. Ares is getting better and better standing on the table so I am happy with that. It was also very nice to meet Daidai Born This Way from our second litter and she enterd her first show as 9 month old. She still needs a bit more maturity but still a good start with excellent. 

Judge: Susanne Nilsson, Sweden

Åland International Dog Show 2019

September 28, 2019


Kajsa behaved so well at the show. Just happy and following my lead. She got excellent critics from poodle specialist and judge Toshinori Omura. Very beautiful head, good feet, good coat, good topline, balance and tailset. Good movement and very stylish.

Kyrö groupshow 5, 9 and 10

August 23, 2019


Daidai Ares took his third CAC after two champions. He also won intermediate class. In total there were 12 poodles in this show. Judge: Pedro Sanches Delerue

Pity he was not 2 years, because then we would have had a champion, but let's hope it will come after his 2 year birthday. unofficial show

August 10, 2019

BOB, GROUP-2nd arranged their annual Dog Show and I attended Ares again to gain more experience on the table. It was an exciting competition since there were 3 males attending in dwarfs and I was lucky that Ares was best male and best of breed. Finally he ended up Group 2 after Mikael Nilssons beautiful medium poodle "Ninija"

Ares behaved well on the table this time but could have given more in the ring. 

Vermo Ravirata, Espoo

July 27, 2019


Daidai Ares took his second CAC just one year after his first and almost at the same place. I was a bit nervous since it was his last measuring but judge Vesa Lehtonen said he was 34 cm, so happy about that, so now he is confirmed a miniature poodle. 

CQ, BB-3

Caspian Line's Look at Me was 3d best bitch. I wasn't really happy about her presentation, since I put so much time on Ares. Just after Ares she was about to enter the ring so her grooming was not the best. Anyhow she behaved perfectly on the table, perhaps also taken by the 32 degrees heat.

Latvian Winner 2019, Crufts qualifying

June 08, 2019

Latvian Winner 2019

Latvian champion
Crufts qualifying


So happy, happy, that Caspian Line's Look at Me "Kajsa" got her  second Winner title for this year Latvian Winner under Judge Vondros Otakar (CZ) also she became Latvian champion. 

It was only Finnish dogs in the competition a bit strange on a competition far away. 

Anyhow a great weekend and great results and first time show in Latvia.

ÅBSK unofficial show 2019

May 29, 2019

BIS-4, BIG-1 Daidai Ares

BIG-4 Caspian Line's Look at Me

BIR, HP Daidai Black Velvet

Our ownbred Daidai Ares ended up BIS-4 and beated his own mother in the group who got BIG-4. Daidai Black Velvet did her first show and was shown by her fosterer Eva Enges, who did a splendid job. Daidai Black Velvet got HP and BOB. So happy for all involved and special thanks to Lillan that showed Ares to BIG-1. Unofficial shows are so fun and relaxed a good day in the sun.

Svensk Vinnare 2019, Sundsvall

April 20, 2019


Judge: Anna-Lena Munkvall-Rylander (Swe)

Oh I am so happy, one of our goals have been achieved. Our first title Swedish Winner is a dream come true. Kajsa was out for the first time after her second litter and 7 month since last show in Eckerö and did so well. I was pleased with her presentation and it was like we were back in old shoes. 

It was an easy trip back home from Sundvall despite the Easter traffic rush :-)

Åland International Dog Show 2018, 60 years anniversary

September 29, 2018


What an amazing Sunday, a day I will not forget. Kajsa took her first BOB under Franco Gatti, Italy. I have waited for this moment so long and it has been a goal to finally be there, Best of Breed :-) I am happy for Ares also who was best junior. Also I jumped in and showed Maija and Tuija Kärkis Kudos Berit, since she had both her dogs in the BOB/BOS final. Emelie Hanströms medium poodle Ziva that i had cut and prepared, I showed to BOB-veteran. All this ended up in 3 finals in the main ring, so hectic. I could not show Ziva in the big ring since there were too little time. Anyhow we didn't have any success there but the poodles really did their best and that it what counts. I am so thrilled that I reached the goals I had for the weekend :-) unofficial show

September 15, 2018

BOB, GROUP-1st arranged their annual Dog Show and I attended only Ares, so he would get some more experience and training. He is still a bit jumpy in ring and he is a bit reluctant to stand on the table. Though he was quite ok this time. Judge: Jan Törnblom, Sweden

Helsingin Kesänäyttely, Vinttikoirakerho, Helsingfors

July 20, 2018


I am so thrilled. Daidai Ares got his first CAC only as 9 month old, at Helsingin Kesänäyttely. Judge Maija Mäkinen gave him so wonderful critics. I feel so proud of our first bred poodle that it turned out so well.

The weather was so sunny and hot, but Ares was so cool and did what he had to do. When it all was over (he knew exactly), he made happy jumps as a true poodle <3

Poodle Speciality Hammarskog

May 26, 2018

BIS - 1 puppy :-) and 2nd BB

I was just crying some tears, Ares first BIS for judge Gyula Zarkozy, Hungary at the poodle speciality show in Hammarskog. What a feeling and how well he behaved :-) So proud over our first litter that have turned out so well.

Also Kajsa did so well today and I was so happy with her groom. She didn't reach the whole way but to second best bitch.

Gimo Nordic Dog Show

May 25, 2018

BOB puppy, BB3

Very hot and sunny day in Gimo. Daidai Ares was BOB-puppy and went to the puppy final, though no luck there. Desipte that I was very happy with him and Also with Kajsa that really did her best. Judge: Åke Cronander

Ares at the picture in the big ring.

ÅBSK unofficial dogshow in Torp, Åland all breed show

May 09, 2018

BIS-2, BIG - 1 and BOB puppy 
Kajsa did so well at this show, I could really feel when we were about to enter the big ring that she wanted to give it all :-) Thank you to judge Helene Nilsson who appreciate our dogs. She said that she could take Kajsa with her home. She also loved her offsprings Ares and Apollon and said it was quality all over :-) 

Daidai Ares was BOB puppy with HP and Daidai Apollon 2nd best with HP.

A proud mom Kajsa at the picture :-)

Tallinn All Breed Show, Estonia day 2

March 24, 2018

BOS adn BOB baby

Kajsas was BOS the second day again. Judge: Dina Korna

Daidai Ares was BOB in baby class.

Tallinn All Breed Show, Estonia day 1

March 23, 2018

BOS, EE CH, BOB baby and BIS-3 baby

Kajsas got her 4 national title at the Tallinn All Breed Show and became BOS. Judge: Ivan Vasiljevic

Our first breed Daidai Ares was BOB in baby class and ended up as BIS-3 baby in the big ring. It was such a feeling to enter the ring with your ownbreed poodle and he did so in style. So confident soon to be 6 month :-) I feel so proud for our big boy Ares. Final Judge: Juta Haaranen

Poodle speciality, Gnesta, Sweden

February 03, 2018

HP-1 Puppy class 4-6 month, 2nd BB

Finally, I have reached one step forward of my dream, showing my own breeded poodle :-) Daidai Ares did his debute with start number one. He was judged by poodle specialist Francesco Cochetti, Italy. Ares critics were very promising for the future and he was awarded with HP. 

Kajsa did well in a strong line-up. There were 6 bitches in the final and she was selected as second best bitch. 

Turku International Winter Dog Show

January 20, 2018


Kajsas first time out since she had her pups in October and what a return. She got her 5th BOS in a row at Turku IDS :-) Judge was Rita Reyniers, Belgium.  Also she got the last CACIB that she needed for her International Beauty Champion title (C.I.B.). 

I am so pleased with this beautiful lady from Germany. There was a person at the show asking if I would cut her down now and I answered no of course not. We still have so much to give in the rings, and I still want her to be even more confident, so we will keep on going as long as we think it is fun.

Lillehammer international Dog Show, Norway

August 18, 2017

I don't think I have melted it all. First of all this was the most rainy show I ever visited. We almost swam around the ring. Also we waited for our turn the whole day because there was a learning judge, so the whole schedule was 2 hours late. But as they say "keep up the good mood" and we did and it paid off.

Karlos was first out and was second best male with RES-CAC and CACIB, his last one for the CIB title. I was so happy since there were so many grey minatures. 

Kajsa was then out and the rain started heavily. Luckily she won best bitch with CAC and ended up BOS and new Norwegian and Nordic Champion! She also received her third CACIB.

The whole trip with 1300km on the road paid us well, we could return home happily from the Olympic village Lillehammer :-)

Leksand national show, Sweden

June 10, 2017

I had no expectations going to Dalarna, Sweden with Kajsa and Karlos. I was so thrilled that Karlos first time out for our a year was 4th best male. Kajsa did it again the third time in a row and became BOS. Judge was: Juha Putkonen, Finland

Siljanvallen was a beautiful show ground with a view over the Siljan lake. I highly recommend to go there.

Poodle speciality in Hammarskog, Sweden

May 27, 2017

The second day it was very warm at the Hammarskog manision. We hade a huge competition in open class with 7 bitches and a total of 11. Judge Laurent Heiniesche finally gave Kajsa the last CAC, so she could finish her Swedish and Finnish champion title only one week after her 2 year birthday, what a pleasant surprise!

Gimo international dog show

May 26, 2017

Thank you judge Jussi Liimatainen for wonderful critics for Kajsa. She was the best bitch out of 14 in total in Gimo. Also she received her second CACIB. It was a warm day in Gimo about 27 degrees, but Kajsa had the strength to show off eventhough :-) 

Västerås international Dog Show

April 21, 2017

Kajsa did so well in the ring this time and she ended up 2nd best bitch with res-CAC. It was a total of 11 bitches in the competition.  Judge was Birthe Scheel from Denmark. 

Sundsvall international Dog Show and SPK speciality show

October 14, 2016

What a wonderful revenge for us! We have since Eckerö int dog show worked a lot to get relaxed in the ring and be able to stand still on the table. I have a lot to thank dog coach Maria Söderlund for the result, without her I would not have had the faith to continue. Still, we have work to work and train more to get her really confident in the ring. Nevertheless the judge Wilma Strijbos from the Netherlands was very impressed by her and it was a close game. But she ended up second after the beautful Kaka a red dwarf. 

The following day she was 3d best bitch at the speciality show and received RES-CAC. Judge was Henrik Johansson. unofficial dogshow at Solvallen, Eckerö, Åland all breed show

August 26, 2016

Another great day for Caspian Line's Look At Me and I. She was first of all BOB, then she was Best in Group (BIG), after that she got second placement in Junior BIS and finally 3d BIS. Thanks to judge Nina Andersson who gave her such lovely critics. 

At the same time her sister "Emma" Caspian Line's Limited Edition was European Junior Winner in Belgium :-)

Raisio group show 2 & 9

June 17, 2016

Judge Lisbeth Campbell is a respectful judge who really handled Kajsa with care and I felt she loved her at once. Despite the big competition she ended up as best bitch and we received her first CAC. The heavy travel with only a few hours sleep paid off. No pain no gain as they say. This show was an excellent finnish before the summer break. 

ÅBSK unofficial dogshow in Torp, Åland all breed show

June 11, 2016

Wow, I just say wow this was our first Best in Show win and I am so happy. To win this show was a surprise. I want to thank judge Åsa Holesäther and Monah Lithner. It was ower 70 dogs entered and all high quality as it is in Åland despite our littleness, so it feels very prestigious. 

Int Dog Show in Österbybruk, Sweden

May 27, 2016

We hade a lovely time in Österbybruk, Sweden. The showground is behind the manor in the green gardens. We were lucky that the rain just stopped when it was our turn to enter the ring. It was a huge bitch class, a total of 18 and Kajsa was best junior bitch and then was placed 4th bitch with lovely critics by judge Åsa Andersson. 

Poodle Speciality and Tallin Winner, Estonia 2016

April 15, 2016

Kajsa was doing two good shows in Tallinn. She was among the youngest and still needs to mature. Judges critics were very positive. She was place junior-4th at speciality show and junior-3d at Tallinn winner. Judge Arne Foss commented that it was a beautiful line up for juniors :-)

Sundsvall national Dog Show

April 08, 2016

"Kajsa" did very well in Sundsvall. She got so good critics from judge Karin Bergbom who among other thing said: "Very beautiful junior, excellent proportions, beautiful head and expression... " in the end she commented "Very promising". 

Strängnäs international Dog Show

March 12, 2016

"Karlos" received his 3d CACIB and became 3d best male in Strängnäs. Judge was Svante Frisk. 

Turku international Winter Show

January 15, 2016


Caspian Line's Look at Me "Kajsa", did a good job at Turku Winter show. Though it was only her third puppy show. Judge: Jussi Liimatainen

Turku international Winter Show

January 15, 2016


Karlos got his Finnish and Swedish Champion title and the joy was just endless. Judge: Jussi Liimatainen

Poodle Speciality Show in Sundsvall

October 09, 2015

BOB, BIS3-Puppy, HP

Kajsa did a splendid job at her first show ever. She showed herself like she had never done anything else. Judge: Eva Lövenstein

Mynämäki national Dog Show

June 06, 2015


Karlos got his second Finnish CAC. After five reserve-CAC the trend was finally broken. Judge: Elena Adamovskaya, Russia


Bornholm international Dog Show, Denmark

August 23, 2014


Kenny got his Danish Champion title in Bornholm and his 3:d CACIB and by that he also became Nordis Champion. Judge: Bengt-Åke Bogren


All breed show, Karis, Finland

July 05, 2014


Kenny got his Finnish Champion title. Judge: Åke Cronander


Sundsvall national Dog Show

April 11, 2014


This time I showed Kenny myself in Sundsvall. Judge: Eva Keenan


Poodle Speciality Show in Sundsvall

October 12, 2013


Breeder Mikael Nilsson showed Kenny to BOB and I was then showing him myself in the BIS final since he had to show his own Ch Kudos Firework. Judge: Iren Naarits


Poodle Speciality Show in Sundsvall

October 12, 2013


Karlos was third best male with CAC and because of that he was in the SAR-BIS final (Silver Apricot Red poodles) and ended up as second .  Judge: Inga Siil


Sundsvall international Dog Show

October 11, 2013


Breeder Mikael Nilsson showed Kenny to Swedish Champion :-) . Judge: Jean Francoi Vanaken


Eckerö international Dog Show

September 27, 2013

CAC, Reserve-CACIB

Karlos was 2nd Best Male. Judge: Fredrik Nilsson


European Dog Show in Geneva, Switzerland

August 31, 2013

Junior RES-CAC

Karlos was 2nd best junior male in Geneva, Switzerland after Evak's Ringmaster also from Finland.  This was our first big Dog Show abroad and a travel with lots of nice memories and sightseeings. Also a long flight for Karlos, but he did so great and no nice during the whole travel. I really hope to do it again some day.

Judge: Bruno Nodalli. 


Kista International Dog Show

March 30, 2013

CAC, Reserve-CACIB

Kenny was second Best Male: Judge Ganami Kertes Agnes


Strängnäs International Dog Show

March 08, 2013


Karlos first CAC and I was in a total chock :-) My son sat on a chair and had no idea what was happening, so I ran to him and said, you must come and take pictures. So I finally got some :-) Judge: Per Svarstad


Poodle speciality show in Sandviken, Sweden

October 05, 2012


Karlos first show outside Åland and what a competition and he made it to the finals. So happy that grey poodles gets attention as well. Judge: 


Köping International Dog Show

July 20, 2012


Kenny got his first CAC and CACIB and was even BOB, I remember that his breeder Mikael Nilsson stood outside the ring and was very happy for us. Thanks to him I got a good grooming for the competition. Judge: Eva Nielsen


My Dog, Gothenburg

January 07, 2012

BOB-puppy with HP

Kenny took part in his fist show abroad and did well, despite the fact that his mom didn't really know how to do things in the ring. Luckily his breeder Micke was there and made a nice groom.

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