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Swedish poodle speciality in Gimo
May 20, 2024


Daidai Enny did her first show in Sweden as 8 month puppy. She entered the ring in a good manner and got lovely critics from judge Maritha Östlund-Holmsten (Sweden). 

Still she needs some ringtraining and we will give her time to mature till the autumn. It was a very warm day in Gimo. 

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Unofficial Dog Show,
May, 9 2024

BOB, BIS-2 puppy

Daidai Enny did her second Dog Show ever and this time with owner Lilly for the first time. Her entry went very well and the judge was very happy with her positive attitude. Enny is now 8 month.

Judge: Sara Nordin, Sweden

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Finnish poodle speciality
March 17, 2024


Daidai Enny did her debute in puppy class 4-7 month. She was more wild than obedient. So we were very happy that she received HP and 4th best bitch. 

Judge Christine Preisler gave her the following critics: 6 months feminine female, feminine head and expression. Very good coat. Dark enough pigmentation. Scissor bite. Enough length of neck. Good topline. Nice development of the body for the age. Little flat feet. Moves parallel from the side. A little wide in front. Very sweet temperament.

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Sundsvall International Dog Show & SPK Poodle Speciality
October 7-8, 2023

2nd best bitch, 2x BOB veteran and Veteran-CACIBC, BIS-3 Veteran

Kajsas first dog show in many years. It was so fun to show her she was BOB veteran with Veteran-CACIB. She wasn't placed in best bitch on Saturday but she showed herself so well. We also showed her in the big final ring but no results there.

On Sunday it was time for Swedish Poodle Club North in Gnarp to show Kajsa again. She ended up BOB veteran again and second best bitch in a huge final with 10 bitches! She was placed 3 best in Show veteran. What a weekend. Judge on Sunday was Viviana Nodalli and in the final Samuel Carlid.

Judge: Samuel Carlid, Sweden (Saturday Int. Dog Show)

Judge: Vivian Nodalli, Italy (Sunday SPK)

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Mohed INT DOG SHOW, Sweden
May 18, 2023

4th best bitch, Res-CACIB

This was Nikkis and my last Dog Show, I am so pleased how she moved and behaved. The day before we went to Leksand Nord Dog Show with the same result. It was very two hot days in Sweden, so it was a strain for both poodles and humans. Nikki got wonderful critics both days.

Judge: Marcus Gisslén and in Leksand Maritha Östlund-Holmsten, Sweden

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Tuusulan Group Show
May 6, 2023

FI UCH, 2nd best female

Daidai Cava "Nikki"from our third litter got her last CC in Tuusulan group show for breed judge Jukka Lillstrang von Wendt and is now Finnish showchampion! 

Nikki has turned into a swan during the last year and matured a lot. She moves with an attitude and style. We hope to mate her now during 2023 with a white male. We all look forward to it.

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Kankanpää Group show
April 23, 2023

FI UCH, 2nd best male

Daidai Ares from our first litter got his last CC in Kankanpää group show for judge Leni Finne and is now Finnish showchampion! 

Ares was cut down during corona and he had already recieved 3 CC before 2 years of age. Now by 5 years his is finally champion and will be cut down again to continue his agility career.

Business Morning _edited_edited_edited.j
Kankanpää Group Show
April 23, 2023


So proud and happy for Nikki who took her first BOB in Kankanpää Group Show and her second CC.

Judge was Leni Finne

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Helsinki Winner 2022
December 2, 2022


Daidai Cava "Nikki" got her fist CAC under poodle specialist Inga Siil. She has matured nicely now by 2 years old. 

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Åland International Dog Show 2021
September 26, 2021


Judge: Frank Kane (GB)

Daidai Chloé really made me proud on her first show. Taking her first Finnish CAC and becoming best bitch beating two champions only 12 month old. She behaved so well in the ring and stood still on the table.

Daidai Cava ended up 4th best bitch (excellent with CQ) and lovely critics from the judge sayin she is a quality bitch. So happy for our beautiful white girls. 

Business Morning _edited_edited_edited.j unofficial show
September 19, 2021


Judge: Andreas Lantz

So happy about our Chloé who did such a great job at her second unoffical dog-show and ended up BIS-3! After a horrible week, that we had to send our dear Karlos to poodle heaven, this was just what we needed to feel a bit better again. Life really have it ups and downs.

Business Morning _edited_edited_edited.j unofficial show
August 10, 2019


Judge: Mikael Nilsson, Sweden arranged their annual Dog Show and I attended Ares again to gain more experience on the table. It was the first show since Corona started. 

It was so nice to see all the dogs and to be able to participate in a dog show again. So happy with Ares how he showed himself in the ring. We focused on free-stacking which he did very well <3

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