Rally obedience

Official competition, ÅBSK 8.11.2020

November 07, 2020

3 place ALO - Beginners class

Ares got 87p in beginners class. Now we need one more course that is approved to move up to open class. Ares did a good round but sometimes he lost the attention. We need to work more to follow on the side and get more stamina for a whole course.

Judge: Anna Klingenberg

Official competition, Agility.ax 19.8.2020

August 18, 2020

RTK2 and TP

Karlos got 75p in open class with and gained a new title RTK2! It was not our best effort, since he was a bit slow because of the heat.

Ares did his best course ever and we could have had 99p in beginners class. Though I did a mistake before even I got started. I stepped outside the ringband twice and you are not allowed to do that. So we got disqualified. Though we got the judges prize anyway. Pity for my mistake because we would have won....

Judge: Päivi Nummi

Official competition, Agility.ax 17.8.2020

August 16, 2020

3d place

Karlos got our highest score ever for us in open class with 94p and gained 3d place in a tuff competition. He really did his best and we had only some small faults. 

Ares did his first competition and started off with 88p in beginners class and a approved test.

Official competition, Agility.ax

March 16, 2019


So proud of Karlos and his achievements! My goal was to get a title from beginners class, which we got. Karlos was awarded RTK-1 after 87p and a 3d place! We advanced to Open Class in the second competition and he won the whole class with 87p! So proud of my little grey. Judge was Kirsi Petäjä.

Official competition, Agility.ax

August 10, 2018

1 st place x 2
Karlos did a great job by winning both competitions with 87p and 89p. Judge was Anna Klingenberg. It was totally over my expectations, my goal was only to get approved results. I was though less lucky with Kenny. In the first competition, I was missing the start signal and the second we managed to get around the course but he wasn't as focused as I had wished. It was very hot at the track and he seemed tired.  

Now I need to start training for the next level since Karlos has two results in beginners class, he only need one more result to move to the next level. 

Unofficial competition, ÅBSK Torp

May 22, 2018

2nd and 4th place
Karlos and Kenny did their debute in Rally obedience in Torp, Jomala. The poodles did so well. 

Karlos ended up second with 88p and Kenny 4th with 68p. 

We will definitely start competing officially :-)

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