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Daidai Enny 

Enny 7 månader nyklippt_edited.jpg

Daidai Enny


SE CH EE CH Medevi's White Extreme x FI CH Daidai Cava


Hela stamtavlan:

White dwarfpoodle born 31.8.2023 in the kennel.


We have hopes for this lady who looked apricot when born. She is the second generation of Daidai poodles and we are so excited to see what the future will be for this little one.

She got HP at the Finnish poodlespeciality with lovely ciritics. Was BIS-2 puppy at ÅBSK unofficial show. BOS at Swedish poodle speciality 19.5.2024.



silver flicka 5 dagar.jpg
Daidai Enny 8 mån front.jpg
Daidai Enny BIM pudelspecialen i Gimo 19.5.2024.jpg
Ennny 9 veckor.jpg
ENNy BIS-2 valp 9.5_edited.jpg
Enny 7 månader.jpg
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