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C.I.B. Caspian Line's Look at Me "Kajsa"

kajsa 3 år.jpg
Svensk vinnare 2019.jpg

C.I.B. NORD UCH FI UCH SE UCH NO UCH EE UCH LV UCH SEV-19 LVV-19 Caspian Line's Look at Me "Kajsa"

(C.I.B. Caspian Line's Keep Me x DE CH AT CH GE UCH MD UCH AZ CH Caspian Line's Future Can Come)


Dwarf poodle born 18.5.2015 in Chiemsee, Germany. and bred by Natascha Kolbe.


Kajsa is PRA-free, patellas 0/0 and full dental around 32 cm. She carries brown and white.

She finished her champion title with 2 BOS, 2 days in a row in Gimo and in Hammarskog at the poodle speciality show, just a few days after her 2 year birthday. She is now Swedish,

Finnish,  Norwegian, Estonian, Latvian and Nordic champion. In April 2018 her International Beauty Champion title was confirmed.

2019 she got her first Winnertitles: Swedish and Latvian Winner 2019 and she also became Latvian champion at the same time.

Kajsa got her first litter 3.10.2017 with Ch Kudos Firework. Two males were born and we kept Daidai Ares after that she has got two more litters and in total 8 puppies. She is the foundation bitch of the kennel.

kajsa latvian winner.jpg
kajsa 2 år.jpg
Kajsa BIR.jpg
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