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Our story



Kennel Daidai is a small family kennel that breed poodles in a home-enviroment, in the beautiful Åland that is situated between Finland and Sweden. 

Our goal is not to breed quantity, we focus on quality and every litter is carefully planned and focus on health, function and beauty. Poodles are a very versatile breed so we do not only go to Dog Shows, we also compete in Agility and Rally Obedience.


Kennel Daidai was approved the 27th of October 2015 by FCI and the Finnish Kennel Club.


The kennel name

The kennel name Daidai is actually a fruit, an Asian variety of bitter orange. Daidai originally means several generations, originates from the fruit staying on the tree for several years if not picked. The colour of the fruit returns to green in the spring.


Breeding is about thinking about what earlier poodles have left to their offsprings and what qualities future generations of poodles will bring. 

From starters our intention was only to have a family dog as a companion. We got our first poodle Kaj in December 2010, but it didn't take long until the interest for Dog Shows and Agility started. Before we knew it, we were happy owners to two poodles and then three... and now we have stopped counting. Life certainly takes unexpected turns...



We bought our bitch Caspian Line's Look at Me "Kajsa" from Natascha Kolbe in Germany to start up our breeding. Kajsa is our foundation bitch for our breeding and in October 2017 our first litter was born with two beautiful boys.

Some of Kajsa's  offsprings are now show champions and we focus now on the next generation of Daidai poodles. 


Lilly our daughter became a new partner in the kennel in May 2018. We are looking forward to this co-operation and see what the future brings.

Nina & Lilly






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