Agility results

Flow Dog Agility Cup "Winter special"
Flow Dog Agility Cup "Winter special"
20 december 2021


Chloé won Lingonligan the beginners class with 0 faults and time 19,71s. There were a total of 14 participants and all breeds and sizes are competing in the same competition. Chloé also won the first competition, so she is in the lead at the moment in the cup. sensommartävlingar sensommartävlingar
22 augusti 2021

Ares tog på söndagen sin sista agility LUVA som krävdes för att flytta upp till klass 3. Han hade en fin tid -8,09. Domare var Marko Mäkelä.  Under helgen blev Ares allt snabbare och mer fokuserad för att på söndagen göra sitt bästa lopp.

ÅBSK Zorro Cup
ÅBSK Zorro Cup
16 May 2021

Ares tog  LUVA i agility Medi-2 för domare Henri Luomala med tiden -8,09. Nu har han 2 LUVA och behöver en till i agility för att komma till klass 3. cup 2020 cup 2020
18 november 2020 arranged a cup competition from spring to autumn 2020. There were 5 part competitions and Ares won the whole cup for the first time. 

Ares mother Kajsa has got second place 2 years in a row in the same cup. So I am pretty proud of our poodles that got placement 2018, 2019 and 2020.

LÄGI, Lohja
LÄGI, Lohja
14 november 2020

Agility 2nd and 1st LUVA
Judge: Tomi Raita-Aho

Competition A-Agility, 2 ne place and 5 faults time 13,34
Competition B- Agility 4 place and 5 faults  time 11,73

Competition C-Jump, 1st place and 0 faults time -4,68 LUVA

So happy with the day that we took our first LUVA in jumping. In agility he was distrubed by the judge, so he stopped and looked at him, several times, which gave him a bad time. In jumping he was better.
27 augusti 2020

Agility 2nd
Judge: Thomas Berglund

Competition Medi 2, A-Agility, 2:d place and time -11,40 and 0 faultss)  

We did a clear round in our first start in Medi-2 class :-)

ATT, Turku, Lieto
ATT, Turku, Lieto
25 juli 2020

Agility 3d and 3d
Judge: Jari Suomalainen

Competition A-Agility, 3:d place and time -9,30 and 0 faults and OIVA (right to change class)  
Competition B- Agility 3:d place and time  -9,31 and 10 faults.

Competition C-Jump, disqualified

Competition D- Jump, disqualified

So happy with the day from this day we compete in 2:nd level :-) Ares did just great, I did some mistakes again.

Alandia Flowdog Winter Cup, total cup Start class
Alandia Flowdog Winter Cup, total cup Start class
12 juni 2020

2nd  - Start class

Faults: 0

Time: 35,18 s

Idealtime: 49 s and length of track 150 m

Ares took second place totally in the whole  Alandia Flow Dog Winter Cup that ended on Saturday. He did a 0 round and I was totally happy about his effort and how good he listens at the moment. Judge: Sandra Gustavsson

HSKH Vanda, Finland
HSKH Vanda, Finland
15 februari 2020

Agility 3d and 2nd
Judge: Petteri Kerminen

Competition D-Agility, 3:d place and time -9,34 och 5 faults. Competition E disqualified. Competition F, 2:nd, time -1,87 och 10 faults.

I was so happy with Ares behaviour this time. No sniffing in the tunnels and more focus. I really tried to get his attention before the start. Still the slalom could have been better, I really need to train it more. Well we hope for new competitions :-)    

Alandia Flowdog Winter Cup, del 2 - juldubbeln
Alandia Flowdog Winter Cup, del 2 - juldubbeln
20 december 2019

2nd  - Start class

Ares took second place in Alandia Flow Dog Winter Cup part 2, that gave double points for the whole cup.  I am happy that he listen in the start this time. The speed is increasing and I am happy that he is among the fastest. Ideal time was 40s and Ares time was 29,94s, so 4,34m/s was his pace. cup 2019 cup 2019
18 november 2019 arranged a cup competition from spring to autumn 2019. There were 5 part competitions and Kajsa took second place totally.

Kajsa came second in the cup the second year in a row :-)

Jomala official, organizer
Jomala official, organizer
31 augusti 2019

Medi 1 - jumping - Second place, time 30.84 (45s), 5 faults

Medi 1 - agility - First place, time 43.16 (49s), 5 faults 

Medi 1 - jumping - First place, time 35.79 (42s), 0 faults (LUVA)


And the second day was quite dramatic. I thought we did a second LUVA in the first competition but Ares dropped a bar, so that gave 5 faults. Anyhow he did a very good race, Check the time! 
Second competition I went for full speed, and left him on the A-frame, which he jumped off and skipped the markings, so we got 5 faults from that. Also he came running and run into me so I fell on the ground quite heavily and scratch my hand and knee. But I went up again and run to finish :-)

Last race was our last chance for a 0 and he was a bit tired, but still a fighter. We got our first jumping 0 :-)

So I am so happy with my boy that had clear slalom all 6 competitions, you cannot expect so much more from the first start :-)