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Daidai Ares "Ares"

ares 21 month.jpg

RTK-1, RTK-2 Daidai Ares "Ares"

(SE UCH MV-13 SEV-14 Kudos Firework x C.I.B. NORD UCH FI UCH SE UCH NO UCH EE UCH LV UCH SEV-19 LVV-19 Caspian Line's' Look at Me)

Dwarfpoodle born 3.10.2017, in the kennel. Is our first own bred poodle. Ares patellas 0/0 and prcd-PRA normal/clear by Optigen test and full dental. Carries brown.


Ares was BIS-3 baby in his first big show, Tallinn All Group Show the 24.3.2018 

Ares took his first CAC in Helsinki the 21.7.2018 only 9 month! His second CAC in Espoo the 28.7.2019 and third CAC in Pöytyä 24.8.2019!

Ares is competing in agility and is now in medi-3 after a move up during 2021.

Ares achieved RTK-2 in September 2021 in Rally obedience. Ares is Åland district winner in medi-agility 2022. Ares took his first Agility-CERT 10.9.2022.

ATT Turku OIVA 26.7.2020.jpg
BIS ARes.jpg
BABY 3.jpg
ares lägi nov 2020.jpg
ares 3e cert_edited_edited_edited_edited
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