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C.I.B. Aromatic Casino Royale "Kalle"

Edited Image 2016-01-26 13-12-29

C.I.B. FI CH SE CH Aromatic Casino Royale "Karlos"


(C.I.B. FI UCH SK CH EE VUCH EE UCH LV UCH EUJV-08 JVV-08 BALTV-10 HeVW-15 VV-15 HeVW-16 VV-16 Siimline's U Will Eat My Dust x Airi Arabeska Catch by Cash)


Dwarf poodle born 1.4.2012 in Oulu, Finland


Bred by Heidi Mäntymää in Oulu. 

He became Swedish and Finnish champion in the beginning of 2016 and he is now retired from shows.  Karlos is about 34 cm and full dental, but not available for breeding.  Karlos received his international beauty champion title in the end of 2017.

Karlos has competed in rally obedience and received the titels RTK-1 and RTK-2

karlos Sandviken.jpg
karlos rally_edited.jpg
karlos strängnäs 9.3.13_edited.jpg
karlos turku_edited.jpg
mynämäki karlos.jpg
karlos geneve.jpg
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